Monday, January 31, 2005

Sam's Boat forced to close for 45 days due to liquor violations

A popular north Austin bar and restaurant is being forced to close for at least 45 days. Within a span of three years, agents with the TABC were at Sam's Boat 40 times responding to customer complaints, mainly about minors being served.

Last year, a woman was killed in an alcohol-related crash after she and a friend left Sam's Boat. Her blood alcohol content was 0.22, almost three times the legal limit.

Attorneys with the TABC say Sam's Boat has 20 days to forfeit its liquor license.

When that happens, the place will shut down for 45 days.

After that, anyone except the current majority owner can reapply for the liquor license.

The TABC didn't have the numbers available on how often they revoke liquor licenses, but B.J. Hassell with MADD says it needs to happen more often.

The present general owner of Sam's Boat didn't say when he planned on turning in this establishment's liquor license or if he would sell.

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