Friday, February 18, 2005

Another Bad Apple at the Austin Police Department

Austin Police officer, Jason Lockaby, was arrested, accused of sexually harassing women during traffic stops.

Thirty-four-year old officer Jason Lockaby has been employed by the Austin Police Department for two years and has made quite a few DWI arrests during his short career.

In March of this year, a 23-year-old woman says she was gassing up her car at the Austin 7-11 when Officer Lockaby allegedly asked her to drive to the side of the building into a dark and secluded area where he allegedly asked she take off her bra for a body search.

Lockaby told her she had a warrant and then touched her inappropriately during that traffic stop.

That's not all. The woman says she was stopped by Officer Lockaby four more times in the same area of Austin. And another woman says Officer Lockaby harassed her not too far from there.

It's alleged Officer Lockaby went to the apartment of a 26-year-old woman following a disturbance call on October 1. The woman says Officer Lockaby returned less than a week later saying she had an outstanding traffic warrant for no car insurance and allegedly said he wouldn't take her to jail if she showed him her breasts.

Officer Lockaby has been charged in Travis County with official oppression and violating the civil rights of a person in custody.

Austin Police Department has placed Lockaby on temporary suspension with pay until this investigation is over.

Officer Lockaby arrested a number of my Clients in Austin. I questioned his arrests then, and I look forward to addressing my current clients' DWIs where officer Lockaby was the arresting officer.

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