Thursday, February 10, 2005

MADD is Pushing Roadblock For Texas

This Tuesday, Mothers Against Drunk Driving was at the Capitol pushing for roadblocks on Texas roads.

Fortunately, the issue has failed in Texas before.

The bills would allow police to set up sobriety checkpoints on highways and streets to pull people over and then evaluate if they're drunk.
Detractors say drivers have the right to be let alone if they've done nothing wrong.

Texas is one of about 10 states without sobriety checkpoints.

MADD believes sobriety checkpoints will reduce drunk driving deaths in Texas by at least 15 percent to start.

Checkpoints allow police to stop vehicles in a sequence like every other or every fourth or fifth vehicle. Police can then evaluate if the driver's drunk.

Opponents are livid.

"Authorizing the police to stop innocent people who're doing nothing wrong is not the solution," Keith Hampton with the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association said.

Concerned about any driver getting pulled into a checkpoint, they say Texas can reduce DWI's by focusing enforcement at bars and promoting safe ride programs.

"You're free to drive wherever you want to drive, so long as you're obeying the law, and the police have no reason to suspect otherwise," Hampton said.

If the roadblock bill passes, you better start practicing your ability to stand on one foot for 30 seconds. Mark my words, more and more folks are going to be arrested for not being able to stand on one foot, or not being able to do the other agility exercises, than for being intoxicated.

If this happens to you, please call me. I can help. 888-DWI -TEXAS

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