Friday, March 11, 2005

DWI in Williamson County

KXAN reported that Williamson County law enforcement wants to be known for being tough on those who drink and drive. But when it comes to gaining enough evidence to convict repeat drunk drivers, that's where they say the problem lies.

"You can't obviously force someone to blow into a tube," said Jana McCown, First Assistant District Attorney. "So if they refuse, then what we're doing is giving the police agency the ability to get blood results without having have them blow into the breath test."

To get that blood sample, the district attorney's office has created a new kind of search warrant. And when signed by a district judge, the officer is then allowed to take a repeat drunk driver to the hospital for a blood sample.

The fact that law enforcement officers can obtain a search warrant within minutes after stopping a repeat DWI offender means that they have the tool they say they need to prosecute and convict drunk drivers.

"We try to look for other ways to provide evidence to jury because jurors are suffering from watching TV and movies and expecting more and more," McCown said. "If they can't be there to actually see the crime, then we need to provide more to help them."
Foster says the process complicates an officer's job but is needed.

"This is not the most ideal situation," Foster said. "I think it's extreme when someone takes it upon themselves and endangers the public's safety by driving and drinking."

And if this will get drunk drivers off the street, those involved say it's worth the extra work.

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