Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Williamson County DA Wants Your Blood

If you refuse to submit a sample of your breath, Williamson County District Attorney John Bradley wants to force you to give a blood sample.

"The law recognizes that I cannot force breath out of your body into an intoxilizer, which tests it through your breath, but I can force blood out of your body with a search warrant" says Bradley.

Officers are being trained to forcibly take a driver's blood when they refuse breathalyzer tests.

Tarrant County in North Texas is one of about a dozen counties that have recently started getting search warrants to take blood samples.

Williamson County Officers will start requesting those search warrants in the next few weeks.

Bradley also wants a law passed that would let judges issue those warrants over the phone.

Have we really reached a point where police will have the authority to hold a person down and force a needle into their arm against there will, just because they are charged with DWI.

I certainly hope the Legislature is taking note of this and will put a stop to such barbaric behavior.

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