Saturday, April 09, 2005

What You Need To Know About Checkpoints

There are over 20 new bills that have been filed that relate directly or indirectly with DWI.

Three of the more dangerous bills gives the police the right to set up checkpoints (road blocks) on Texas highways and streets and stop all cars to check the drivers for DWI.

The three Bills to watch out for are House Bill 50, House Bill 309, as well as Senate Bill 25.

Why should YOU care about being stopped at a Checkpoint, You've got nothing to hide, Right?

That's what Checkpoints advocates would like you to believe. Here is the TRUTH about Checkpoints.

What you need to know About Checkpoints:

These bills would authorize police to randomly set up checkpoints in areas they suspect people to have been drinking.

They will make you wait in line to be questioned about your identity, where you have been and where you are going.

At the officer’s discretion they could remove you to a designated area and administer agility tests.

If you can't perform the VOLUNTARY agility exercises to the officer's satisfaction, which no one does, you will be arrested and prosecuted!

If the officer wishes he may request a breath, urine, or blood sample, which will remain permanently on file.

Representatives from M.A.D.D. want you to believe that these bills contain provisions limiting police to searching for DRUNKS ONLY . Read the bills. Nowhere does it say that!!!

Why is this a bad idea?

It violates the Cornerstone of our Legal System: INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!

These bills pull police away from their normal duties and strain police resources.

These checkpoints clearly destroy our Fourth Amendment Right against unreasonable searches!

Innocent people will be forced to show police identification and be subjected to questioning!

Sobriety Checkpoints go against everything our founding father’s intended by trampling on our liberties as free people!

How this will affect Restaurant and Bar Owners.

Legislation like this is designed to scare the public into not drinking.

It does so by increasing the perceived risk of danger even for responsible use.

Customers that would normally have a beer with their meal become afraid that they will be hassled by police so they choose not to drink.

Business owners can be targeted as legally responsible for inebriated people leaving their establishment and SHUT DOWN! Just ask Sam's Boat about that.

These Neo-prohibition policies fail to target the root of the problem and instead cost small businesses big bucks!

Who will be affected?

People who want efficient and effective use of police resources and energy (statistics show that sobriety checkpoints actually catch less drunks than the current method of roving patrol).

Business owners who are aware that this neo-prohibitionist type legislation is targeting them.

Musicians who rely on local venues to sustain their vulnerable careers.

Individuals whose time is precious, and cannot accept one more unnecessary inconvenience or delay

People who have a moral issue with submitting any type of fluid sample.

Individuals who are responsible drinkers, but can't perform the VOLUNTARY agility tests to the officer's satisfaction.

People who refuse to be treated like criminals by being interrogated and searched without cause.

Peace officers who realize this will have an unnecessary negative affect on their relationship with the public.

Commercial Drivers whose shipments will be delayed (this issue could be potentially life threatening, depending on the shipment).

What can you do to stop this?

Call, email, or write your legislative representative RIGHT NOW and tell them you oppose any legislation that would permit police to set up sobriety checkpoints and that you will be watching them to ensure they protect your liberty!

You can get your representative’s contact info at Who Represents Me?

If you or a love one has been arrest for DWI, please check out our DWI website.