Sunday, May 29, 2005

Officials Increasing Enforcement On The Lakes

With boating season right around the corner, authorities have plans to step up enforcement on the lakes soon.

The lakes are full, which is good news for boaters.

However, it's bad news for authorities who anticipate crowded waterways.

By Memorial weekend, Jet Skis, boaters and others may crowd the lakes even more.A number of agencies will launch a Lake Safety Task Force to catch violations.

"We're going to be concentrating on drinking, especially the operator. We're going to be looking for BWIs, Boating While Intoxicated," Andy Azuna with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Lake Patrol said, "and any kind of wreckless operation.

We're going to make sure everybody has a lifejacket on the boat."

LCRA public safety officials met Wednesday in Austin to map strategy for enforcement as well. They worry about more accidents because of packed waterways.

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