Tuesday, June 28, 2005

TABC is picking on Dallas Nite Club

According to numbers from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, more people arrested for drinking and driving come from the Austin’s Dallas Nite Club than any other club in the city.
Since 1980, the club has been a popular spot for country and western and a cold beverage.
But the club's 69 cent drink specials on certain nights are landing them in hot water with the TABC. Lt. Robert Saenz of the TABC says the state agency has asked the owners to raise drink prices more than once.
"It was our belief all along that the biggest part of the problem was the drink special," Saenz said.
In April, the club announced it was working with local and state police to come up with a designated driving program of its own.
The club offered free soft drinks to designated drivers and set up a cab stand right in front of the club.
But since January, 21 people stopped for drunken driving told police they were drinking at the Dallas Nite Club -- the most in Austin, Texas.
That's five more than Cool River, fourteen more than the Chugging Monkey, and fifteen more than The Library.
"Just because they arrest someone on Burnet Road with a DWI doesn't mean they came out of the Dallas Nite Club either," Dallas’ attorney Charles Webb said.
Webb has been the Dallas Nite Club's attorney since it opened 25 years ago.
He believes the drunken driving numbers are misleading.
"I know from my management's perspective, they've seen and witnessed a number of times when people have pulled into the Dallas Nite Club as an example of skewed statistics, coming from another night club and being intoxicated and being arrested in the parking lot," Webb said.
State lawmakers just approved the addition of 60 more TABC agents in Texas.
Four of them will work in the Austin area solely to cut down on drinking and driving.
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