Saturday, October 15, 2005

Former Austin Police Officer pleads guilty

A former Austin police officer on Friday pleaded guilty to a state jail felony charge and two misdemeanors in connection with accusations that while on duty he touched the breasts of two women in his custody and enticed another to show her breasts to avoid legal trouble last year.

Jason Lockaby, 34, pleaded guilty before visiting state District Judge Sam Robertson to violation of civil rights, attempted violation of civil rights and official oppression charges, said Travis County Assistant District Attorney Patty Robertson.

Lockaby, who was fired in December after his arrest a month earlier, faces up to two years in a state jail on the first charge and up to one year in jail on the others.

Robertson said the plea was part of a deal with prosecutors, but she declined to say what they agreed to recommend at sentencing, scheduled for next month.

The final sentencing decision will be up to the judge.

Lockaby, who remains free pending sentencing, was accused of stopping the women in his patrol car on RM 620 in far North Austin.

Several of our "bad" DWIs went away because Lockaby was the arresting officer.

Click here for the full story in the Austin American Statesmen